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Who will win the presidential elections in New Mexico


We think he will:
And that's why we do:
  • 46.3% of the inhabitants of New Mexico are Latinos.
    An ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions weekly poll tracking poll found out that Obama held an advantage of 26-68% over Romney because:
  • They appreciate Obama's liberal immigration politics while the Romney opposed the immigrators-friendly DreamAct.

  • Democrates protect the Civil Rights from the constitution which often protect even illegal immigrants from Mexico The citizens like liberal immigration politics
  • And at last the Latinos are disappointed by Romney because of him choosing the hardliner Paul Ryan as his vice candidate...
    ...instead of Marco Rubio, a son of Cuban immigrants.
    The Republicans claim Obama didn't manage the economic crisis well...
    ...but there appearently was a decrease of unemployment.
    And that's why we think Obama will win!

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